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Walking Wandsworth is a weekly radio show broadcast on Sundays between 8-9pm. It’s about great places to walk in Wandsworth and the surrounding areas. You can hear it by visiting www.wandsworthradio.com/listen

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12 thoughts on “Welcome to Walking Wandsworth

  1. I lived in Wandsworth at one time. Haldon Road SW18, from 1977-1978.
    My ex-wife liked to call it ‘Putney’!
    Thanks for following my blog, which is much appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. Indeed it is. We paid £9,995 for a nice two-bed flat in 1997. Then sold it a year later for almost £19,000, and bought a 3-bed house in Wimbledon Park. 🙂
        Now I live in Norfolk. You can buy a nice 4-bed home for £275,00! We bought a 3-bed bungalow in 2011 for £146,000. The price of a garage in Camden, where I lived at the time.

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  2. Hi Dom – am enjoying listening to podcast #8.

    Where I live there’s a lot of red earth with footprints around. When I walk round the back of where I live there’s this long grass around which I recently found out is called cockatoo grass. Further down at the salt plain you can see some evidence that the land is often covered by water from some thick looking sea type grass.

    When my cat used to walk with me she’d sonetimes chase quails away which are hidden in the long grass. I’ve seen and heard cockatoos before and these large birds that dance called brolgas. The bird calls I hear while walking are very unusual and sometimes birds with very different calls harmonise together. The dogs I walk with sometimes bark at trees at these large lizard type creatures. When coming back from walks I’m sometimes disappointed to see one being carried in the dog’s mouth.

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    1. Thanks so much for the comment Olive. Could we get you on the phone for the live show that goes out on Wandsworth Radio and could you record some sounds of the birds and the ambience on your phone?


  3. I do miss walking around some areas of London, especially the quirky urban areas. Wandsworth sounds nice too – tranquil with greenery and places of interest to visit.

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